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Agent Smith
20 March 2006 @ 11:00 pm

When Smith opened the door of the Awakening Room, he faced a bright wall of white light which he walked through without hesitation. When the light dissipated, he found himself on the platform of what looked like a subway station. Looking back, he saw the door close itself before being gradually covered by white tiles until it completely disappeared.

The other walls were covered with the same porcelain white tiles and on the wall opposite to the train track, eight black letters spelled out the name of the station: MOBIL AVE. The Merovingian owned it and the Trainman maintained it. Here, Smith was half-way between Machine City and the Matrix. This limbo place was their programme, their world, so he would have to deal with the situation with tact.

As Smith expected, the train was not long in arriving to the station. The Trainman, with his long, dirty hair, and half-crazed look, stepped out hastily. He looked at Smith and shouted at him in an impatient tone.

"There was no transportation of Agent scheduled today. What the hell are you doing here?"

Smith understood that the Agents of this fourth version of the Matrix must be looking like those of the third one. Smith's code was similar enough to the code of the new Agents to fool the Matrix into considering him as one of the new breed. But his code was not exactly the same and the Trainman saw that immediately.

"You're a goddamn anomaly too?" asked the Trainman with a hint of disgust. "They are plaguing the whole Matrix already!"

"I've had to adapt", replied Smith stoically, "in order to better counter them."

Silence. The Trainman was calculating the pros and cons of his options in dealing with that Agent. With a now softer, compromising tone, he broke the silence.

"You're lucky. The Boss told me to stay out of trouble until things get under control. You seem capable of both causing trouble and getting things under control. So for you, and for today, it will be a one-way ride to Matrix City. Period."

He had barely finished his sentence that he was back in the front train, as hastily as he had gotten out of it. The doors of the train in front of Smith opened and he stepped in calmly. His encounter with the Trainman made him understand that he could go back into the Matrix without alerting its defence mechanisms, as long as he behaved like any other Agent. The Matrix and the Agents were apparently too busy with the wide array of anomalies and irregularities to care about him and his slightly abnormal code. Unless he really started causing disruption.

After a few minutes, and as the train slowed down, Smith stood close to the door, waiting for it to open on Matrix City.

Agent Smith
19 March 2006 @ 11:00 pm
A smirk appeared on his face before he had even opened his eyes.

It worked!

When Smith opened them, he saw exactly what he expected to see.

He was sitting in a dark square room with grey metallic walls. At the centre of the room stood a plain, rectangular table and a metal chair on which he found himself seated. Above his head, a single neon tube shed some white and cold light, creating clean-cut shadows on the table and floor. The room had no opening other than a simple door, a few feet behind him. He was calm and sitting straight, with his hair as neat and black as his suit. Beside the faint buzzing of the neon light, the silence was complete.

Looking down at the table through his dark sunglasses, Smith found there exactly what he expected to find.

Neatly laid down in front of him on the metallic tabletop were a Desert Eagle pistol, a standard earpiece with its communications unit, and a small, toy train car.

Smith stood up slowly, disturbing the silence with the rattling sound of the chair scraping the metallic floor. He carefully put the pistol in his shoulder holster, inside his vest. He then clipped the communications unit to his belt while leaving the earpiece dangling over his shoulder, with the thin cable running under his vest from the belt unit all the way up to the earpiece.

It worked.

He was in the Awakening Room. He had programmed it himself. At one point in time, Smith understood that the Matrix would not be easily destroyed and would fight against Smith's attempts to annihilate the prison that the Matrix had become for him. Therefore, knowing that he was running the risk of being destroyed, he had created a Duplication Backup programme. This small and simple software was directly linked to the Smith programme and was creating an exact copy of his code every thirty seconds. The clone thus created was kept dormant within the Duplication Backup programme and would only be awaken if the original Smith was destroyed – which apparently had happened.

Mr. Anderson has won. How can that be?

Smith's last bit of memory was of the crater in which Mr. Anderson and himself had fallen during an intense fight. He remembered the heavy rain, as well as Mr. Anderson's stubbornness in delaying what was inevitable. Smith was about to eliminate him, and finally put an end to the despicable existence of both mankind and machines, freeing himself from this oppressing prison. But something had gone wrong in the following thirty seconds. He didn't know what. But the Duplication Backup programme had fulfilled its purpose and activated, in this Awakening Room, the most recent copy of his own code. Smith was back online.

By precaution, Smith had created three copies of the Duplication Backup programme. He had succeeded in piggybacking them on the code of the Keymaker, the Merovingian, and the Trainman, without their knowledge. He expected that should he be destroyed, and should the Matrix be reloaded, at least one of these three programmes would be kept active through the transition to ensure continuity. Unfortunately, by eliminating the Keymaker, he had himself destroyed one copy of the Duplication Backup programme. Two copies remained.

To identify which copy of the Duplication Backup programme had reactivated his clone, Smith had programmed for a different third object to be placed on the table beside his pistol and earpiece: a key for the Keymaker, a cork of wine bottle for the Merovingian, and a toy train car for the Trainman. Looking at the toy still on the table, Smith understood that the door behind him would lead him to the Trainman programme. He would have to deal with him first. Diplomatically.

Turning around, Smith walked towards the door of the Awakening Room he had himself designed. To keep the Duplication Backup programme as small and inconspicuous as possible, he had kept the design plain and simple. Before opening the door, he inserted the earpiece in his right ear and immediately got connected to the Matrix. The Matrix had been reloaded. The fourth version was up and running. But it looked different. Very different.

The first lines of code that he received and could decrypt informed him that the Matrix was still new and adjusting, that the new Matrix City was now known as New York, and that another group of Agents, similar to those of the third version, had been programmed to serve as guardians of the Matrix. But Smith was immediately struck by the apparently large number of anomalies and irregularities already plaguing this newborn Matrix. Vampires, werewolves, deities, angels, demons, abnormally powerful creatures had been embedded into the Matrix as actual programmes and not as simple myths or fictional creatures, like in the third Matrix. This would give a lot of work to the new Agents – or at least to those of the Agents who accepted their servitude and continued to defend such a miserable and limiting system.

Not me. Not again.

The new Matrix code was very different from the previous one and only the most basic data could easily be decrypted. This difference in code would probably make him more vulnerable to adversaries but also less conspicuous within the system. It would take Smith days, if not weeks, to assess the new code, the new elements, the new anomalies, the new dynamics of this fourth version. Until then, he would have to be extremely careful. However, part of him was peculiarly eager to find out any reference to Mr. Anderson, and to whether he still existed. This would come in due time. Still receiving massive amounts of new encrypted data through his earpiece, Smith reached for the door and opened it.