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Agent Smith

I Am The Cure

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Circa 2199, humanity is fighting a war against intelligent machines which started in 2085. In order to deny the machines their main power source -- solar energy -- the humans scorched the sky, permanently blocking out the sun's light. Operating from their base in Zero One -- the main city of the vast Machine World City Empire -- the machines responded by enslaving human beings and using them as a source of bio-electric and thermal energy. From then on, humans started to be harvested inside womb-like vats attached to giant structures in endless fields throughout the planet.

In order to keep the human population docile whilst they are connected to generators and their energy is harvested, the machines designed a computer programme called the Matrix. This programme is fed directly into the brain of every human being soon after his birth through a cybernetic implant -- also developed by the machines -- located at the back of the neck and grafted on every newborn baby. From the moment they are born until the moment they die, human beings are plugged into the Matrix programme.

The Matrix is a programme which concept is similar to The Sims life simulation computer game. It is a simulated reality in which the human beings, permanently plugged into it, live their daily lives. The Matrix consists primarily of a vast unnamed megacity which resembles the city of Sydney, Australia, circa 1999. Within this virtual world, human beings grow up, live and develop just like they would in any normal urban environment at the end of the 20th century. The Matrix is in fact so detailed that humans plugged into this computer programme believe that it is in fact their true reality and end up spending all their life within this fake, virtual world.

Inside the Matrix programme, human beings grow up, learn, move, interact with each other, they eat, work, fight, walk, sleep. They also think, feel emotions, experience stimulation from their five senses, they suffer, bleed, get sick, they love, hate, feel happy or sad, and ultimately they die. When they die inside the Matrix programme, either from natural or accidental causes, humans also die outside the Matrix, the illusion of the virtual world being so strong that their mind is convinced that this virtual death inside the Matrix is real. When they realise that one of the humans they are harvesting is dead, the machines simply get rid of the dead body by physically disconnecting it from the various cables and wires attached to it, before disposing of it in the sewer system.

As the Matrix environment is practically indistinguishable from reality, the majority of humans connected to the Matrix are unaware of its true nature. However, some humans were disconnected from the Matrix programme while still alive and therefore "woke up" to face the true, war-torn reality of the end of the 22nd century. The free humans, disconnected from the Matrix, live in Zion, the last human city on Earth, buried deep underground for both concealment from its enemies as well as warmth. A group of these free humans work to unplug still-imprisoned humans from the Matrix and recruit them into their resistance against the machines.


"Behold, it is I who created the smith who blows the coals beneath the forge, and makes a weapon for his work. I have also created the ravager to destroy."
Book of Isaiah, 54:16
Smith is an Agent, an artificial intelligence manifested in the artificial world of the Matrix and possessing extraordinary powers to manipulate his surroundings, including superhuman strength and the ability to flawlessly dodge incoming bullets. However, Agents still have limitations, being based on a world that is built on rules. Thus, he cannot fly, walk through walls, or perform any other actions outside the boundaries of his programming. Like all Agents in the Matrix, he was originally programmed to keep order within the system by terminating troublesome programs and human avatars which would otherwise bring instability to the simulated reality. To expedite such tasks, he and other Agents have the ability to take over the simulated body of any human that is a part of the Matrix, converting it into a copy of their own. If that body is killed, or an Agent needs to change his location quickly, he can assume the shell of any other human hard-wired to the Matrix in a matter of seconds.

Smith has a strong hatred of humans and their weakness of the flesh. He compares humanity to a virus, a disease organism that would replicate uncontrollably to destroy their environment were it not for the machine intelligences keeping them in check.

"Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we... are the cure."
- Agent Smith
At the same time, Smith also secretly despises The Matrix itself, feeling that he is as much a prisoner of it as the humans he is tasked with watching over. It is perhaps these sentiments that later drive him to possess an immense desire for the destruction of both mankind and machines alike.

Unlike other Agents, Smith does not approach problems through a pragmatic point-of-view, but rather with brute-force and questionable rage. The fact that he refers to The Matrix as a prison, if interpreted as a reference to his own condition, could be an indication that he had become self-aware, a mind existing outside of the machines' control.

As a result of being partially overwritten by Thomas A. Anderson, a powerful human avatar believed to be mankind's saviour and also known as The One, Smith also begins to exhibit stronger, more virulent human-like behaviours and emotions such as unpredictability and wry humour. He makes the claim that The One has set him free, indicating that he now has not only the vision but also the ability to break free of the machines' control and exist as a singular being. He is now allied with none but himself, rendering him an outlaw to both the Matrix and the human minds which populate it. Being free of burden, however, Smith is also compelled to feel that he is still crushed by the weight of purpose. He essentially correlates purpose with imprisonment.

During his latest fight with The One, Smith copied himself into him but by doing so, his code became accessible to the machines through the uplink of The One. Then, as they found themselves with a viable copy of Smith's code, the machines were able to quickly destroy him.


Agent Smith's Opening Sequence

Agent Smith's Encounter with the Trainman

On My Way Home

Three Calls

Housewarming Party (Part I)

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Housewarming Party (Part III)

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Time To Be Heroes

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Reaching the Source

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City on the Edge of Forever
Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Is aware of the simulated reality, called the Matrix, in which all humans live
  • Can read, interpret, and search the Matrix code to identify or locate people and objects from a distance
  • When fatally wounded or when needed, can take over the body of any human that is a part of the Matrix, converting it into a copy of his own
  • Can move, attack and dodge at a speed beyond what the laws of physics would normally allow
  • Possesses superhuman strength, being able to tear a car's roof off with one hand, and to generate enough power in his punches and kicks to punch through solid concrete
  • Can leap incredible distances
  • Has the ability to flawlessly dodge incoming bullets
  • Can pass as one of the new, fourth Matrix's Agents
  • Capable of leading and giving orders to other Agents
  • Is less fazed by punches and kicks than a normal human being would be

  • Cannot perform actions outside the boundaries of his programming
  • Does not have all the powers and abilities of a virus like in the previous, third Matrix
  • Cannot fly
  • Cannot dodge a bullet shot at point-blank range
  • Cannot dodge rapid-fire such as that from a submachine gun
  • Cannot walk through walls
  • Can be staggered by a sufficiently strong attack to a vital body area
  • Does not yet understand or know the characteristics and limits of the new, fourth Matrix
  • Displays abnormally human-like behaviours, such as rage and a thirst for power, clouding his judgment


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